Saturday, May 13, 2006

So my really good friend just graduated and I feel really wierd about it. (I miss her obviously). I'm used to being the one who moves. I don't like this other people leaving me thing. I gotta say though, this is a randomly wierd feeling because I'm going to visit her new place in like 10 days. Maybe I think i miss her more because i'm supposed to be studying for the qualifiers and it's a lot easier to think about missing her than that...hmm yes. we'll go with that.

There may be a guy in the picture though....i'll keep you posted (as if anyone is actually reading this....). Back to studying! Oh listen to that song 'Texas Angel" - it's amazing!

Tomorrow I'm going on a motorcycle ride with my gang...yes i have a motorcycle gang. 2 harley's, a honda, and my baby buell. (the guy may be one of those harley's....).

8 study days left before the qualifiers to determine whether i get into the phd program. if I pass, I get to have a 'fun' summer building a satellite, but if I don't, I have to try to build the satellite and keep studying to retake the qualifier in august (crappy summer). If I don't pass at the retake...I'm done with school. yea?? :) So basically I really need to be focusing my efforts on the 3 tests at hand....Mechanics and Solids, Dynamics and Control, and Fluids and Aero. sounds like a blast huh?

I miss my dog. Linds graciously offered to take care of Sammy while I'm studying so I don't go home to take care of him and not study...cuz I don't study well at home. So instead...i'm dogless and in my office stalling. whoop! (yes i whooped...i got to use that fighting texas aggie spirit up before i fail out of school. haha.)

Parting quote: "Hey! Somebody say something about cheese? 'cause if you gonna make a cheese run, holler at me, dawg."   --Turk, "Scrubs" hehe I love that show.

Parting quote2 (applicable for tomorrow): 'Yeah, it hurt, but when you accept the keys to the hog, you become a lifetime member of the Danger Club.'  -- JD, "Scrubs"....hehe he fell off of a 6 yr old's scooter.


In summation.....very alone without my friend or dog, should be studying....going grease2 style tomorrow with 3 guys - (22, 28, and 50 yr old)....hehe.

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