Tuesday, September 7, 2004

I spent the weekend at Houston Astroworld with a sorority sister and her beau - it was way fun, but the best part is: I didn't get burned! I only put sunscreen on at 9am and it was 15...so it was gone by at least 10am...but for the first time ever, I didn't burn afterwards! (It's cuz i'm so tan....well it's cuz i go biking a bunch i think and my skin is getting well worn to the sun....yea!)

I've been having totally annoying car trouble though - ironically 2 days after I took it in to get its inpection sticker and for some recalls. Coincidence, i think not! Like: my engine doesn't like to start so much now...I have to leave the car running when I dash (b/c i didn't want to say run again) into blockbuster b/c it wouldn't start otherwise....and today I think my breaks went out....for just a second though. Like, I was able to push them all the way to the floor (while trying to stop) so i had to swerve cuz i almost hit a car as a result....it was bad! I love my car...but is it time for a new one!?

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