Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hey! Oh my gosh! How are you? I totally missed talking to you.....I decided to write in the middle of a J.Ho movie (nasty JLo for those of you who may be a fan).  Actually it's Jersey Girl which looked totally cute, but there's like 1/2 Jho....i'm not a fan. Anywho, I went to chili's today....yum. I always battle between a hamburger which I really want, and a pita  with grilled chicken that I love, mostly b/c no where else makes pitas.....the pita always wins.....sad cuz i always leaving wanting the hamburger...ahhh and life goes on...and the character j hoe plays just died....time to watch the movie again!

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  1. helloooo dahling, umm sorry haven't commented in a while but ummm the stupid comps at school always kick me off xanga! but i will ttyl! see you next week!