Wednesday, September 1, 2004

I'm getting all kinds of lazy with here's a good one: (ready, go!)

Ben came last weekend and my friends (like everyone I know) was great about hanging out with us. kim and manda and mich and jess hung out the night he got in and we saw UT the next day and went to Conans - the coolest pizza place ever (it's a total tradition).

Ummm then we saw A&m the next day and Steph and her beau from houston came up and visited...saw playgrounds, a few movies, and i gave him the texas tour: Chickfila, Taco Cabana, Big Red, etc

Anywho, we knew we were going to rent lots of videos and there was a $10 off special, so I got that month long movie rental special from blockbuster. I have lots of reviews to share, (but don't make fun of me for my choices...the rentals were basically free!)

50 first dates: way cute and it was the second time i saw it!

Starsky and Hutch: funny....i dont like that 'huggy bear' guy though

Girl Next door: not as american pie as I thought it'd be, not horrible

the Big Bounce: lots of twists and turns - totally unexpected! great, but a little slow.

School of Rock: really cute - my first enjoyable Jack Black movie

Laws of Attraction: boring...slow...even for a chick flick!

New York minute: they're adult looking but no better caliber movie than their detective series

Ella Enchanted: Cinderella type story with a modern but ancient kinda thing, it was neat, but definatley glad I didn't pay for it.

Stuck on You: comment

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: cute, Lindsey Lohan seems stuck up though

I'll keep them coming! (mostly cuz i want to see how many i can rent in a month)

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