Monday, August 2, 2004

So I was just browsing Ebay last night, as I often do, and saw some axd shirts that I thought were cute, and looked at the seller's location and saw it was where my friend lived, and sure enough it was her's! How cool is that? I had  my first ebay sighting!

You wonder: why was I online last night?? Was I at work? NO! I finally got my Wireless DSL hooked up at home! Yeah! So i'll be online for hours and hours now, writing quality work like this! Yeahhh!

So both  my roommates have moved in and I'm realizing why a house is not meant for 3 separate people...the kitchen is not big enough! I think we're going to end up sharing food if I get another roommate, or have to buy a freezer or something, because the status quo will not do! Oh well, that isn't my problem for right now, so that's ok.

Anywhooser..I'm going to go back to pretending to work but im me later when I'm at home on my WIRELESS DSL! Oh yeah!

PS Happy 21st mich! (and totally belated 21st jess...)


  1. Thanks Libs. How is aggie life? Did you talk to Michelle on her 21st? She was...well not doing so well the next morning!! LOL!!

  2. Libby!!!! hey girl hows it going with the new house and room mates?! miss ya! cant wait to come visit! well i think ive had the most amazing time in my life and it ends od august 11th! but im excited to see yalls loving faces!  gotta hang out and get to bars soon! its about time! justins been complaining!
    bye the way.. are you coming home for linds' birhtday or is she stayin in corpus?!
    well i have something for you so I HAVE TO SEE YOU!!! well cant wait to see your smiling face....and ohh soo VERRY excited that you have Xanga! Wahoo!
    well gotta go, at an internet cafe
      love ya.... Chels