Thursday, August 12, 2004

So I have barracaded myself in my room (not's pretty big) to figure out this stupid computer program i've been working on for a month (work). It still doesn't work and I've started to dream in code. Akk!

Last weekend my fam went to visit my sis in Corpus. She has a ghost haunting her room and i was so scared the first night I couldn't sleep - crazy...I never thought I was afraid of ghosts.

We saw Dodgeball while we were was soooo bad. but yet ben stiller funny as always....that's his style movie...a couple of great lines in a not so great movie. 'Fatty made a funny'.....and 'I'm white....W-H-I-T.......uhh E'. hahaha. Oh and we went sailling and laid on the beach and we look way tan in that pic...

Anywho, I'm trying to regain my sanity (and dreams) I'm making peanut butter ice cream cookies...check em out. The dough's great!


  1. Sounds like a plan scam for the 25th. I'm heading to Mexico with Natalie Morin next weekend...i'm so excited!!!! I will see you soon!!!!!!!!! :

  2. wow... i really like that pic of you 2! well im FINALLY home, and im comin your way soon!
    so did the ghost visit you? im going down tonite with tiff and tina and im kinda worried b/c we were the 4 that were constantly looking for them... soo... :) okay well im on my moms comp at school. just wanted to say hi.
    oh and guess what!!!! since we have dial up at the house cus we cant get dsl...we are FINALLY gonna get satelite.. so now it wont take 2 hours just to read the eamil! yay!!!  have fun this wek!