Tuesday, June 21, 2005

So I went to Colorado for my second wedding of the week, and it was sooo much fun! I got to hang out with my sorority sis's Jamie, Megan, and Amber (amber got married) and it was so much fun! During the reception, since none of us brought dates, we dance in a big circle....like middle school style. it was soo much fun! oh and i taught everyone to 2-step....and i saw andreas. yea! super fun!
oh and on the way there and back i wrote a good portion of my thesis so i will be busy doing that for a while, but i will be in town this weekend......lets plan something for real this time...it was just harpreet's bday!

bottom line: i love my sorority sis's....we had way to much fun! (oh and don't see the perfect man...bad movie...very boring)

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  1. You loved that movie!!! Don't try and lie about it :) hahaha But that was a WAY fun weekend. Amber needs to get married more often! :)