Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I think the fact that Kim has a job rocks! I thought it was the study place I go for my meds, which would have been funny, but it's not....so it's not funny.

I have soccer playoffs tonight....I hope we don well. I've only played once with this team before, but we're decent (or they are anyway). Tomorrow night is bball playoffs at 11pm....11pm! If you think I'm crap at 7pm...whoo....don't even come to this game!

Tennis is going well, my serve is really improving. This last game we played with 2 new guys (again...I know....tennis sluts). but it really is fun because we play a girl and guy on each side, let everyone serve once, switch girls on each team,  let everyone serve once, play girls on guys,  let everyone serve once, then start again. It's really great because you almost always come out with an even record...and switching it up like that lets you play for like 2 hrs, without even realizing it! Yeah!! Tennis is great!

Bottom line: 11pm is too late for a playoff game in any sport...we'll hopefully win in soccer (because of my magical kleats), and tennis is great....oh and kim rocks!

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