Sunday, February 27, 2005

So Mom and Dad called when they landed from Florida (hence why I was watching their diabetic adorable dog jewel) and said....we decided to come up for the night instead of meeting you 1/2 way tomorrow. (!?!!) ok to set the scene, it's my friend's bday and a bunch of her friends and family bailed on her so i totally couldn't, i was 1/2 way through a workout, still needed a shower, room a mess, no idea what i was wearing to dinner or later to go to northgate, was supposed to go pick her up in 30 min and my parents were on the way....i just wanted to start singing  "I'm super...thanks for asking!" so i dashed around and picked her up, went to dinner, came back met the parents, got dressed up totally hoochie style b/c my friend wanted to for her bday at the suggested dad take the picture (AACK) and i left parents, went downtown (long drive, i know) and got back around 3am, then went to church with the parents ate lunch, and they left by 2...seriously i saw them like 4 min! i don't think if the whole thing was more embarrassing or stressful.

ok part 2: the bunny's cage was too small cuz she's way bigger than i thought she'd i had my parents bring up an identical cage (from the store in san antonio i bought this one from: 'wabbitat) and put the 2 next to each other. My baby is living in a double wide and loves's so funny. i think she wears the pants. sad.


very bottom line: apparently 3 hrs isn't too close for an impromptu visit by the parents (my plan with living here instead of austin was wrong), even when you're going 'clubbing' for the first time all semester! oh and my bunny is now trailer trash :)

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