Monday, January 24, 2005

Week Review of goals:

1. Definately worked 20 hrs! (including the 8 hrs off cuz mon is a holiday). ok technicality.

2. went to grocery store 2 times per week, ate lots of healthy fruit minus the chocolate thingys that are just so good! (3 musketeers)

3. Didn't drink.

4. did 5 workouts plus walking 0.4 mi to and from work every day, oh oh and i took the stairs 6 flights up and down a few times

5. No new phone numbers (manda and kim prevented me from going), but did say hi to the new kid from france in my class (there's only 6 people in each class....only 1 new kid....)

Ok i would like to hear how your week went goal-wise! Libby

Bottom Line: 4.5/5 isn't that bad! what are your new years resolutions??

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