Thursday, October 21, 2004

so i was walking by this guy in a few of my classes that i had always seen sitting down - he was relatively cute, i mean for engineers i don't expect much. anyway, he was sooo short! he always looked so tall in class though - and i realized he had this ridiculously long body and short legs. then i remembered this other more cute guy with the same unproportional body shape...(i only mention him cuz he was pretty hot, just a crappy personality).

this was my shocker of the day...I never thought I had specific standards for whether a guy was cute or not....but my first one is that they must be as tall as me when i'm wearing my 3" heels...but why would it be so bad to be taller? i of life's quandries - maybe i actually like short guys which is why my most serious relationship (haha) was in middle school when i was taller than everyone (hard to believe i know)...wierd.

bottom line: what i was thinking about while walking to class: short guys.

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  1. Well, now that's a random pondering!  But way amusing!  Anyway, HI!  And BYE!