Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Princess Party! – April 29th, 2011

After watching an entertaining episode of the Middle, about a random middle-class family in Ohio or somewhere in middle America, I was inspired to plan a princess party. While I have not been caught up in any of the details of the Royal wedding, I do like parties, especially when you get to dress up like a princess. On this episode of the Middle, the mom was so excited for the Royal wedding that she bought memorabilia and a new tv to watch the event. I wasn't alive for the Diana Charles royal wedding, but all my cousins are quite excited to tell me their memories of the event. Even when I lived in England, I never really got caught up with the royal bug. I think we lived there when Princess Diana died and I don't remember watching the funeral. Anyway, this lets you know how surprised I was to hear myself suggesting a princess party to my cousins to commemorate the event. Since I missed so many of the 'where were you when events' – moon landing, the day JFK was shot, etc, I didn't want the only one I do remember to be 9/11. Plus not that I'm Canadian and all, it's practically the law to watch it.

Me, Kennedy, Michelle, Rita, and Leanne toasting
We hashed out a plan to meet at my cousin Michelle's house at 1pm. She had dvr'd the event on two different stations so we had a choice. I spent a bit of time braiding my hair in cornrows in a starburst pattern and then curled the rest of my hair, and dressed in a regal gold dress with matching shoes. I was thrilled to see my family had also dressed for the occasion in glittery wedding attire.

Once our tiaras were secured and the crumpets and snacks were within reach, we started the wedding. I had more mocking, sarcastic comments while the other guests were more positive, but I think we all had fun. Right before Kate stepped out of the car, we ran to the kitchen and brewed tea to be ready to see her dress with teacup in hand. It reminded me quite a bit of my mother's dress, with a very Disney princess neckline. When it came time for the announcement that they were married, we had the champagne cork popped and flutes filled.

Tea and crumpets
The best part of watching it hours later (other than getting to sleep in) was we were able to skip all of the boring parts and pause for personal commentary and judging of the amazing hats. It turned out to be a lot of fun and I was thrilled that an event that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in my book became a fun memory!

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