Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I think I'm a shy person. I really do. But when i told this to one of my sisters from arizona, she almost ran us off the road from laughing so hard. seriously....isn't it wierd how different you percieve yourself from other people.

ok so on a related topic, i think i was born without the embarassement gene. Like, today at the gym, after i changed out of my cute dress and heels in the locker room, i realized i had only 1 sneaker...well rather than walk out there in my really high heels and gym outfit, i wore 1 shoe the whole way back to my car. i think i should have been embarrassed. thoughts??

oh and i was in dallas this weekend visiting my sister, and my pants totally split (yes the diet definately ended with a vengence)....on the way to the nicest (most expensive) mall in dallas. i still walked around and didn't bother to change till i got home. i mean, yes my underwear was peaking through but luckily i was wearing hot pink stuff that looked like it could have been a patch. lindsey couldn't stop laughing....dang the embarassement gene.

ok that's all....i started class today. ick. i heard this cute quote today: "i'm 1/2 of the sugar and twice the spice" hehe.

bottom line: i don't embarass easily, unless i'm in class, then i'm crazy quiet, but contrary to what everyone says....I AM SHY!!!


  1. SHY!  How do you figure?  I'm so confused!  What planet am I on? Libby is shy, did ya know?  I didn't!

  2. You are soooooo not shy!!! And anyone that believes you are shy is obviously delisional and should not be allowed out of the house by themselves!!! :)

  3. Hey HO! :)
    A little hoe-baggish, but definitely not shy.  :) 
    You have a puppy?  Congrats!  :) :)