Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Day 1

I've always found the first of anything really isn't ever the same - the first day of work is where you make your first impressions and very little of what you'll actually be doing. The first day of school you made your first friend that rarely ever stayed throughout the year....but there your teachers tried to scare the living daylights out of you to drop the class immediately before you were forced to complete it. It was never as hard as they said.

The first entry - now this is complicated because it's like the first line of a book, and according to Luke Wilson in 'Emma and Alex' the first line sets the tone for the rest of the book (I really just wanted to mention him...mmm).  So....I decided to write about nothing as my first entry to scare away those of you who shouldn't be reading it....because only my true friends would continue to read this dribble, but then the other people don't know I just made fun of them because they refused to continue! Anyway, if you made it this far, congrats and email me or something so I know who my real friends are, haha...just kidding, a real entry to come!



  1. HEY!!!! you made one Tooo!!!! YAY!!!! welcome aboard the xanga crew!!! well i made it through so it must me  i actually like you... wierd.... nah just kidding! but yay!!! okay well gotta go to bed for work tomorrow, hey if you check this come to cowboys with me tomorrow! ill give you a call during the day k?! k!